Now you will have a place to plug-in your monitors as well as any accessory that carries a
3 prong locking connector.
Hooking up auxiliary equipment just go easy on your new farm tractor.
Works on the new John Deere, Case IH and New Holland models as well as any tractor that uses the 3 prong locking connector.
12 volt Power Strip
HD Multi Power Outlet
15 amp rated
  Adding  a accessory to one of the new tractors has changed over the years.  You use to go to the farm or auto supply and buy a couple of feet of primary red and black wire to hook up your latest accessory.  Now-a-days almost all the manufactures are using special connectors for their optional accessory equipment.  This means you will need to buy a gender adaptor so you want  cut off those unique connectors and void the warranty.
HD Power Strip
  Leave it to Jensen to bring to market the answer to your accessory installation problems.  A Accessory Power Strip that not only contains 3 mates to the locking 3-pin power connector but a 12 volt DC lighter connector and 2 USB outlets ( one 1-AMP, and one 2.4 AMP).  Enough connectors to power more than one monitor or accessory.  The strip is max rated at 15 AMPs of power.  Flush mount either horizontally or vertically to fit in virtually any space.  Designed to work in Ag equipment or any equipment where the use of this style of connector is used.
  Measures 10 1/4" X 2 5/8" X 3" high.  Includes 8 foot 12 gauge jacket protected wire.

12 Volt tractor power strip
  You don't have to own a new tractor to take advantage of the Jensen Power Strip. Farm Radio Supply offers a Premium version of the strip with 3 pigtail connectors.  These connectors will plug and lock into one of the 3 available on the strip.  This will allow you to create your own disconnect with a connector just by attaching it to a 12 volt accessory.  Each plug carries one ignition wire, one battery wire and a ground if you hook the power strip up as instructed.  Not only will you have a professional style install for your accessories but now you have a onboard USB charger for you smart phones.  If you phone does not use USB,  then plug your phone into the 12 volt lighter adaptor.  Mount the strip any where you can take advantage of its features.  This panel will work in any vehicle that is 12 volt.  RTVs, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts s well as construction equipment. The strip is not listed as waterproof.
HD Multi Power Outlet Premium
15 amp rated, includes 3 pigtails
Outlet connectors are same as used on A-RE37651 Auxiliary Power Cord, 3 Pin