FRS sells products from several manufactures.  For the most part they fill the wants and needs of our customers.  But sometimes the demand is not justifiable enough for manufacture to design and build them.  This is where our inhouse team designs and manufactures its own part made for FRS only.  You want find it anywhere else. 
Roof Mount Radio
Our customers wanted a smaller self contained housing with a simple 12/24 volt AM/FM radio
  Small footprint 10" x 4" x 9".  Housing a set of 4" REI heavy duty speakers.  Speakers are covered with metal screens for protection. 
  Radio is the REI ST 1050 model.  Features AM/FM/WB with 3.5mm AUX on face.  Sound is loud enough to hear above most equipment noise at 50 watts.  Radio features digital tuning with 18 FM presets & 12 AM presents.  Weights in at less than 3 lbs.  210066 REI antenna included.
  Housing is made of rugged ABS plastic.  Access by removing ABS top screw mounted cover.  Can be mounted to roof or side wall of your equipment.  Antenna requires a 3/16 hole and access to the inside of the material it is mounted to.  2 wire power hookup required.  Pigtail furnished for power and antenna.
     Our customers have asked for these items and we felt it was do-able so here they are.  All products carry a year warranty and are build to stand the everyday abuse that is present to your trade.  We have sold most of these items for several years now.  We wanted to create a page for them because they are now a part of our every day line of products.  And also we like bragging when we hit a home run.
This page was added to expose you to several products that are exclusive to our site only. Built from requests from its own customer base.  Worth a second look or maybe a first.  For that purpose FRS has created this page to highlight them.  Take a look and maybe you will see as we do they are unique.  You can purchase them here only on FARM RADIO SUPPLY.  Check back often we will be adding new ones as requested and built.  Also take a look at the section we call
That Just Makes Sense
Top of Case is FULLY COVERED
What if I told you that the only thing standing in your way of enjoying your smartphones' content and music apps was a silver and blue led button.  It might sound strange to some of you unless you are one of those who live on your phone and generate most of your listening pleasure from a streaming service or a download.
  We would like you to look at a simple new solution to enjoy your content with a hidden heavy duty smart speaker.  We made it portable, so all you need to do is place it into your vehicle of choice and plug it in, allowing you to use it in more than one application.  To make it even more versatile, it works on 12 volt as well as 24-volt applications.
  At just over 5 lbs, this lightweight cube packs a real punch. You are cranking out 50 watts x 2 when used at 12 volts and a whopping 110 watts x 2 in a 24-volt application, more than enough power to get over your cab noise.  Yes, you read it right, this system will work both 12 volts and 24 volts.  TREMOR is perfect to use in your excavator, wheel loader, dump truck, UTV, ATV, RTV or any machine you want a hidden radio with Bluetooth.
  TREMOR is very simple featuring a lot of power delivered to (2) 4in heavy-duty coated  2-way speakers.  Housed in a heavy-duty enclosure to go the distance.  The only moving parts are the operator pushing a single button. Mount, anywhere you can out of the way.  You only need access to the ON/OFF.
This might be the last radio you have to buy for your equipment!
How is this BLACK BOX going to solve your radio problems?

  The first and probably most noticable is the lack of a radio.  There is no radio installed in this BLACK BOX.  No radio has two advantages.  No radio to break and no antenna to replace ever.  So what good is this thing?  This thing is a heavy-duty 12/24-volt smart speaker system with advanced 5.0 Bluetooth technology. The operating range is almost double of its older processor.  Connection is amazingly fast.  There is no limit to the number of pairing devices this unit can handle.  In todays world streaming is first choice.  Everyone has a smart phone.  Streaming is so easy and convenient.

  TREMOR excels in streaming because of Bluetooth 5.0.  Whether you are using an APP or just streaming downloaded content, this thing is smoking.  If streaming is not your thing, you can use the 3.5mm direct-connect approach with the AUX input.  AUX is usually the same connection as your headphones.   If you are using your phone as your source for the AM/FM tuner, this method works great since most phones use the headphone cable as the antenna for AM/FM reception.
1.  Works 12 or 24 volts automatically.
2.  Mount out of the way. You need access to the ON/OFF button
3.  Bluetooth 5.0 for the fastest and best streaming
4.  No antenna needed
5.  No current draw when not in use.
6.  Onboard 3.5mm AUX
7.  (2), 3.0v onboard USB chargers with LED voltage indicator.
8.  2 heavy duty mounting brackets
9.  Plug-in power connection, hardwire or optional cigar lighter adaptor
10. Small footprint 13 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" , 6lbs
  One word comes to mind as you crank up a TREMOR, "Powerful."  Use your device's volume control to adjust how loud it needs to be.  Each TREMOR uses two 4 inch 2-way specially coated drivers to produce this incredible sound.  You will appreciate the attention to the little details with the overall sound quality.

If your cab has significant noise, don't try to play over it. The sound would be very intrusive.
  Your TREMOR is shipped with: 2 Adjustable metal mounting Bracket 5" x 1 1/4", 4 thumb screws, 5ft 3.5mm 4 pole heavy duty AUX cable, 7 FT 16 AWG Gauge hardwired 2-Pin quick disconnect power plug 12V- 24V with 15A blade style fuse.
  Unlimited content supplied by user... (play, stream content with or without apps),  1 Button ON/OFF...(leave on and control by ignition switching) One button operation,  Simple 2 wire hookup..Red - ING, Black - GROUND

TREMOR on a 12 volt system you will get 40+ 40 watts        TREMOR on a 24 volt system you will get 110 + 110 watts.  Actual current draw less than 10 amps.

Choose Bluetooth or AUX input,  Works with Smart Phone, Tablets, MP3 Players,  Volume controlled by input device.  A true 12/24 volt heavy duty hidden smart speaker.
Adjustable metal mounting Bracket 5" x 1 1/4".
5ft 3.5mm 4 pole heavy duty AUX cable
6FT/1.8m 14AWG 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug to SAE Quick Release  With 20A Fuse and LED Light.  If using on 24 volts make sure your lighter is 12 volts
7 FT 16 AWG Gauge 2-Pin quick disconnect power plug 12V- 24V with 15A blade style fuse.
On your device, go to settings, Select BLUETOOTH connection
Look for BT-WUZH1.  Select it to connect.
If it does not show, turn off Bluetooth on your device and then turn it back on. This will make your device look again for the BT-WUZH1
Once it shows select connect. Almost immediately you will be connected.
Now you can stream to your TREMOR.
If you cannot get past this step you will have to use the AUX to play your content
If you want to use the AUX
Plug included 4 pole audio 3.5mm cable into TREMOR
Plug the other end into your AUX output on the device.  (If NO AUX, you can use the Headphone output connection on your device)

1st. Turn on TREMOR
2nd. Plug in AUX.  3. Play audio thru the device
are Attached to