Remember, only FARM RADIO SUPPLY offers a PLUG & PLAY tractor radio.
Farm Radio Supply offers tech support after the sale.  If you are having a problem with any of the products we sell, FRS will do its best to assist you and try to solve your problems.
Farm Radio Supply offers a wide range of tech support for its customers.  Each of the manufactures REI and ASA have extensive tech departments which you can call yourself if needed.

REI TECH.. 1.800.228.9275 ask for tech support
ASA TECH.. 1.877.305.0445  ext. 3
  FRS would like to brag a little because our founder is a very good tech as well.  He has over 35 years in the field with hands on installs and trouble shooting installs.  This gives him a advantage over a lot of others.  "Common since goes a long way to solve a lot of problems".  He has a way to help you at your level because of his working with a lot of DIYs and semi professionals as well as mechanics.  When you call our 866 number be sure to ask for James if you need tech support.  We are here to help even after the sale.  Don't forget our TextMe icon at the top of the page.  We are not always available to take your calls but sometimes just a text will put you in front for answers.