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REI New Tractor Stereo Bluetooth
CD-5000  PN/ 710475D6
AM/FM/CD/MP3/WB Stereo Radio w/PA
CD-3000  PN/ 710439D6
NOAA Weather Band Receiver
40 sec. Anti-Skip Mechanism
REI CD 3000
AM/FM/CD/WB/MP3 Stereo Receiver with AUX USB Input (Front)
ST-3000  PN/ 701194D6
NOAA Weather Band Receiver
Heavy-Duty AM/FM/WB Stereo Receiver with AUX 3.5mm Input (Front)
REI ST 3000
New REI 701189D6 AM/FM/AUX / WB
REI 701189 D6
$148.95.. D6
Digital Tune Seek
18FM / 12AM / 6WB
50 Watts Power Output
Fits standard DIN Opening
2 Speaker Only Applications
This radio is available in 2 different plug-in configurations.  D6 and ISO
Both are same features.
$148.95.. ISO
REI 701193 ISO
AM/FM Stereo Weather Band Radio with AUX 3.5mm  Input
This is a unique short depth
stereo.  Great for replacing 2
shaft radio models that are too short for standard DIN radios.  This radio is only 2.5in deep
To make these radios Plug & Play you might need a special harness for your tractor.  All of the above radios come with a pigtail.  If you need a specific tractor harness, please see the main website for this info.  Or call us for details.
REI ST 4000
REI ST 4000
PN/ 701196D6
NOAA Weather Band Receiver
•AM/FM stereo receiver
•50 Watt x 4
•Front-panel USB type A input
•Front-panel SD/SDHC card input
•Plays MP3/WMA/AAC file formats
•Front panel 3.5mm and rear RCA audio input jacks
•Weather band w/alert feature
•USA/EURO radio frequency modes
•Station presets stored during power loss
REI ST 5050
PN/ 701203
NOAA Weather Band Receiver
Heavy-Duty AM/FM/WB Bluetooth Stereo Receiver with AUX Input (Front)  Audio Streaming NO CD