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FRS has tractor radios that plug directly into Case / lH tractor, John Deere, New Holland,McCormick, Macdon, and Landini Models models
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Professional Dual Band  VHF/UHF Handheld Two-way Radio
$159.00 ea.
Dual Band VHF / UHF
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Dual Frequency Display
Full function keypad w/16 DTMF Tones
Full 5 watts on VHF and 4 Watts on UHF
Police, Fire, GMRS, MURS, FRS, Marine, 2 Meter, Weather & More
Main Features
. Dual Band
. Dual Frequency, Dual Display and Dual Standby
. VHF&UHF, UHF&UHF or VHF&VHF working modes
. Frequency Range: 136-174MHz & 400-480MHz
. Bright Flashlight Illumination Function
. Voice Prompt (Chinese / English)
. 128 memory channels 
. VOX Function
. Digital FM radio (Automatic tuning and storing, radio frequency display)
. High/Low power selection
. Wide/Narrow Bandwidth selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
. Channel Name edit and display
. 105 groups D.C.S/50 groups CTCSS
. Stopwatch Function
. Low-voltage voice prompt
. Busy Channel Lockout
. Transmit Over Timer
. Step (5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K/50K/100K)
. Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
. Multiple scan modes
. Wire clone function
. Programmable by computer

1 year warranty from purchase date. Subject to assessment - Shipping & Handling Fees

Note: these transceivers are labelled and conform with the Radiocommunications (Compliance) Notice 2004.
Included Acc
Optional Acc
Whole farm coverage.  **Walkie to walkie range up to 3-4 miles or walkie to base range 15 miles.  Save cell phone time by owning your own way to communicate.  Cover entire farm and stay in touch with farm house.  Works in those areas where there is no service for  cell phone.   Great hunting radio.  Weather Band Included.  Need simple radio. See EASYTALK
Using Some Frequencies
require license or authorization
GMRS > MURS > FRS > Marine > 2 Meter > NOAA Weather Coverage.....
Farm Communication VHF / UHF Handhelds...
Option:  Use our form to send us your *Custom preferences after you purchase a 2 way
** Range is based off height of antenna and terrain conditions.  Effected by buildings and trees.  Antenna improvements greatly increases range (base antenna, mobile antenna)
Corn Maze Radio / Hay Ride Radio / Event Communication Radio
JUST ADDED:  Whole farm communication with this powerful fixed mounted mobile radio. 8 mile range or more!
Farm mobile 2 way radio
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FRS has farm tractor radios that plug directly into Case / lH tractor, John Deere, New Holland, McCormick, Macdon, Kubota and Landini Models
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